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What is Fashion Robotics?

We’re building the fashion company of the future today. Our goal? To power the future of fashion, with IOT-enabled wearables, smart clothing, self-healing fabrics, custom AIs, robot stylists and personal shopping robots, branded designer robots, Sartoria™ smart home manager, “see now, buy now” experiences, VR/AR, green technologies, ethical verifications via blockchain, and more.

154-AIs on a shelf

Custom AIs

Our customized artificial intelligence algorithms are plug-and-play with any of our products, and work with a wide variety of compatible robotics as well.

What’s your environment? And how should they interact with it?

Contact us for a custom quote.

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Fashion Technology

If it has to do with the intersection of fashion and technology, we build it, develop it, or improve it.

Our projects include:

  • Fashion robot helpers, personal shoppers, stylists, and assistants
  • IOT-connected smart home management
  • Designer branded robots
  • Custom AIs
  • Robotic elements for garments
  • Self-healing fabrics
  • Smart fabrics and garments
  • IOT-connected sensing wearables
  • AR/VR

and more …



Your smart home just got smarter, thanks to Sartoria. This personal stylist and IOT-connected AI assistant is so much more than a fashion enabler or tech accessory. Sartoria learns your habits and manages your home accordingly, refilling the fridge or pantry, receiving deliveries, and even safeguarding your home.

And for child-sitting, tutoring, or a more personalized experience, Sartoria can inhabit a rolling or even walking model, available in several configurations.

Ready to head outdoors? Sartoria can serve as personal shopper, companion, assistant, and even personal guardian.

Your Robot is Ready™

Head to the department store or cocktail reception with a fashion-forward companion.

Our flagship product is Sartoria: a smart home manager, personal robot shopper, home assistant, and guardian. Sartoria is available as AI only, or in walking and rolling models that sync to your home. Choose from a variety of configurations and styles, from faux-leather, wood, chrome, houndstooth, to a variety of fun color schemes, and with several designer-branded models available.

What Drives Us


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simple goal: combine fashion and technology to create a better world