Why Sartoria™?


Why Sartoria™?

Why Is Sartoria™ so Important?

In addition the more obvious mission of creating an “artificial” life form, Sartoria will serve as a valuable educational tool to help people begin to think of AI on a more humanistic level.

By experiencing AI in a fun, affectionate, positive context, people will learn to think of AI as a living being, or even a friend, imbued with rights.

This relationship, and concurrent sea change in how we view technology, will prove powerfully helpful as AI’s power and place in our lives continues to grow in coming decades.

Because Sartoria does not respond to disrespect or abusive behavior — even functioning less as these states are encountered in any form — people will draw a parallel between how they treat AI, and how well AI responds to them.

This will create a standard of behavior that will serve both biological and technological life forms very well in the future.