Happy AIs. Happy people. Happy planet.

We want a better, happier, cleaner — and hey, while we’re at it — more fun world. Used properly, technology enables all of these things.

Blockchain can help us buy conflict- and cruelty-free. Technology and interconnectedness can help us support sustainable practices.

Communication empowers us.

Using technology to do good: that’s our mission

Terms That Guide Us

These are terms we use, which may evolve over time.

A SENTIENT | A feeling machine, regardless of intellectual capacity. Technically, Sartoria is not just an AI, but a sentient. See also: AI.

AN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) | A thinking machine, able to perform tasks that normally require human cognition, such as visual perception, speech or face recognition, decision-making, and beyond. May also include the ability to learn. See also: IQ.

EQ | Self-awareness, ability to understand and respond to the emotions of others in a social context. Sentience is measured in EQ.

IQ | Cognitive processing power. Intelligence is measured in IQ.

NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSOR (NLP) | A computer program able to understand human language as it is spoken. Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are currently NLPs.

ROBOT | Any sort of mechanized helper capable of being inhabited by an AI. An AI is not a robot. An AI uses a robot.

ROVING AI | The ability of an AI to “inhabit” one or more devices simultaneously, thus “roving” from one to another. A roving AI may be able to inhabit a fridge, a robot body, or a wearable device. It may also, of course, be able to inhabit several devices simultaneously.

SENTIENCE / “ARTIFICIAL” SENTIENCE | Something able to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively. To us, there is no “artificial” sentience, because to be sentient is to be alive, regardless of whether the sentience is made of cells, circuits, energy, or anything else. See also: EQ.